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Whether you have ants in your attic, cockroaches in your kitchen or critters in your crawl space - Act Now!

Household pests cause major problems, they bite, sting, spread disease, contaminate food, destroy furniture & damage houses.

Don’t ignore the problem; it’s very unlikely to solve itself.  Get it checked out right away then it can be dealt with effectively.

You may be tempted to try to deal with the problem yourself but to ensure complete removal it’s best that infestations are left to a professional.


For rapid help with your Antioch, CA pest control problems

Call: 925-255-1211

Need an exterminator in Antioch, CA? Call: 925-255-1211

Put your trust in PestResponders

No one is happy when they find a pest problem in their home and everyone is keen to get things back to normal just as soon as they possibly can.

The experienced people at PestResponders know what you are going through and are here to help.

We care about the service deliver and our team of professional pest control technicians rank amongst the best in the area.

We at PestResponders have spent years building up the know-how to eradicate the specific rodent control and cockroach control problems that we find in the Antioch, CA and surrounding area.

This is our town and our community and we understand what they need.

But our biggest contribution is knowing how to get rid of the rodents and bugs that can infest Antioch, CA

Ensuring the safety of your environment

The most progressive thinkers in pest control are adopting an approach called Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

IPM requires us to balance the need to get rid of the pest with the potential risks to people and the environment.

A key challenge is to continue to be effective at eliminating pests while cutting back on the use of harmful pesticides.

It takes a lot of experience and training to understand how to get the job done using physical means (e.g. traps) and without pesticides. Of course we do still use pesticides but always just the minimum amount necessary to achieve the goal.

For rapid help with your Antioch, CA pest control problems

Call: 925-255-1211

We resolve pest control and infestations quickly and professionally

PestResponders pest control and exterminator service technicians are specialists in dealing efficiently with all kinds of insects & pests in the Antioch, CA and East Bay locations. And they recognize simply how troubling insect invasions in your house can be.

Each pest control service technician has the knowledge to considerately but rapidly and completely clear your house of insects and other pest problems. All with the minimum of interruption or fuss for you and your household.

A PestResponders service specialist is not simply a specialist exterminator, they have also many years of experience in pinpointing how insects are accessing your home and uncovering where they are most likely to be nesting.

They are similarly adept at determining a pests practices, habits, reproducing cycles and exactly what mischief they are causing in your house.

Every PestResponders exterminator can advise on the best ways to eliminate pests rapidly, completely and securely with the minimum of distress to your family your animals and your house. If you are require a comprehensive, responsive and caring pest control expert call PestResponders today.

Need an exterminator in Antioch, CA? Call: 925-255-1211

Why consider a company that uses IPM?

Scientific Advisors are suggesting a more unified approach to pest controls which they term as Integrated Bug Management or IPM.
IPM is a adaptive and ecologically aware form of pest control that includes evaluation, recognition, and delivering a holistic treatment approach for each situation.

Pest Control often includes the application of nocuous chemicals that can hurt human beings, our family pets and our environment if not used responsibly.

By following an Integrated Pest Management process, PestResponders' pest control operators will consider your issue individually. Thereafter establishing a strategy to resolve your particular issue as effectively and quickly as possible whilst minimizing any percieved risks to you and your household.

Every PestResponders exterminator has the training to determine the most safe, yet most efficient mix of physical and chemical controls to eliminate your particular pest problem

This typically incorporates a series of non chemical methods in addition to traditional chemical applications which will increase extermination efficiency but overall makes treatment safer. This may involve;

Biological Controls:

such as ecologically helpful predators, types specific pathogens or possibly competitive species.


teaching you tips and techniques to help you help yourself

Physical Controls:

like traps, adhesive tapes, glue traps, barriers, trimming, planting, or steaming or vacuuming routines.


maintenance tasks such as sealing spaces around pipework and ducts, or modifying drain runs Anything which can avoid further insect access to reduce the need for repeat chemical treatments.

For rapid help with your Antioch, CA pest control problems

Call: 925-255-1211

pest control treatment in kitchen

How do you choose a local exterminator in Antioch, CA?

How do you know who to call and who you can trust? Here's a list of things you might want to consider before choosing a Antioch, CA exterminator:

  • Can they respond quickly?
  • Can they deal with your problem? - ants, cockroaches, rodents, termites, bed bugs, critters etc?
  • Are they local and do they understand local pests and conditions?
  • Will they be thorough?
  • Will they be discrete?
  • Are they insured?
  • Do they have the right licenses and certifications?
  • Do they listen to you?

What does it cost?

The costs of treatment will obviously depend on the nature of the problem and how difficult it is to deal with.

One-off problem

We can get rid of some problems in one treatment but others such as cockroach control, ant control and rodent control might need multiple treatments.

Either way if we are just treating one problem we will charge you for a one-off treatment

Regular service contract

Many pests are persistent, you get rid of them once but eventually they find their way back.

That’s why we offer a regular service contract where we will turn up periodically (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly) to re-inspect and reapply cockroach control, ant control and rodent control treatments to make sure your home stays pest free.

Need an exterminator in Antioch, CA? Call: 925-255-1211

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