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Whether you have ants in your attic, cockroaches in your kitchen or critters in your crawl space - Act Now!

Household pests cause major problems, they bite, sting, spread disease, contaminate food, destroy furniture & damage houses.

Don’t ignore the problem; it’s very unlikely to solve itself.  Get it checked out right away then it can be dealt with effectively.

You may be tempted to try to deal with the problem yourself but to ensure complete removal it’s best that infestations are left to a professional.


For rapid help with your Lodi, CA pest control problems

Call: 209-210-4333

Need an exterminator in Lodi, CA? Call: 209-210-4333

Common type of pests reported in the Lodi, CA area


These pests invade your home looking for food and water. And once they find it they invite all their friends.

They will definitely contaminate any food they find and there is evidence that some ants can cause allergic reactions in sensitive people.

Rats & Mice

Rodents are also on the look out for food and shelter. Their droppings and urine contaminate your home and can spread diseases.

They will definitely spoil stored food and will likely damage the structure of your home.

And they also have a nasty habit of chewing cables which can cause fires. So lack of effective rodent control could be risking your home and possibly even your life.


These are probably the most hated household pest and the very mention of their name is enough to give most people the creeps.
Unfortunately they are probably also the most common household pest in the USA.

Roaches spread bacteria and disease causing organisms. So effective cockroach control is essential.

Bees, Wasps & Yellowjackets

These are all stinging insects. And for some sensitive people their stings can cause major health problems but for most people are not usually dangerous – just painful.

They will all be aggressive if you disturb their nests. Yellowjackets on the other hand can be aggressive all the time – a real jerk!


These pests usually hitch a ride into your house on the back of the family pet but can also come from wild animals.

They feed on the host’s blood and once inside they are adapted to look for another host (you) that they can bite.

Their bites cause itching and can transmit diseases

Bed Bugs

They used to be rare but increased travel means we are now seeing a dramatic increase in these pests.

They can be hard to spot and the first sign of their presence is often an itchy red welt where they have extracted their meal of blood from the victim.

For rapid help with your Lodi, CA pest control problems

Call: 209-210-4333

What you should expect from an exterminator:

You can expect your call to PestResponders to be handled quickly, professionally and in a friendly manner.

At PestResponders there are four key stages to the exterminator services we deliver: – Inspect, Advise, Treat and, if needed, Repeat.

1 - Inspect

Each visit starts with the PestResponders technician conducting a thorough inspection to get a detailed understanding of your rodent control or cockroach control problem.

They will identify how to eradicate the current problem and how best to avoid a similar problem happening in the future.

2 - Advise

The technician will also be a great source of advice. Not just on how you can deal with the current problem but also the steps you can take to protect your home in the future.

Frequently the appearance of pests are the visual indication of less obvious problems.

3 - Treat

Having established the full extent of the problem the technician will then agree a plan with you to exterminate the pests

We have many years of experience and the plan we propose will eradicate the infestation while ensuring the safety of you, your family and the environment.

4 - Repeat

Often a single service call will solve a problem, although sometimes further treatments may be needed to ensure the problem has been eradicated.

Regular inspections and treatments can be a good idea to prevent problems recurring. This can depend on the type of pest, the environment and even the time of year.

The technician will explain their thinking to you when they suggest any repeat treatments and they will provide you with a likely breakdown of the costs. That way you can decide what suits you best.

Need an exterminator in Lodi, CA? Call: 209-210-4333

Scientific Pest Control

PestResponders will always ensure that the latest scientifically developed techniques and processes are used in and around your home.

This approach determines that any chemical controls, which are basically pesticides, are used sparingly and in lower amounts. When integrated with non chemical pest control approaches (traps etc) our pest control specialists considerably decreases threat to human beings and the environment.

IPM is a more efficient method to pest control that leverages the most suitable chemicals in the least quantities of chemicals to achieve a timely elimination of your pest problems.

The PestResponders objective is the elimination of pest infestations and the destruction they bring with them. By helping you to address the causes that led to the initial problem we can help reduce the need for those repeated ""one off"" service calls.

If you are unfortunate enough to experience an infestation in or around your home, we will almost certainly recommend you call in a specialist pest control company who can identify the nature, risk and scale of the problem and advise you on the safest removal and clean up procedure.

The longer you sidestep a pest issue, the more expensive it will be for an exterminator to handle it and for you to deal with the damage it does to your home.

When pests discover a way into their property, homeowners frequently attempt to try to deal with the infestation on their own, unfortunately this often backfires, its risky and often proves to be a false economy.

Pest control is best entrusted to a professional pest exterminator with the equipment and expertise to promptly, discretely and cost effectively take care of any pest or infestation situation.

For rapid help with your Lodi, CA pest control problems

Call: 209-210-4333

pest control treatment in kitchen

How do you choose a local exterminator in Lodi, CA?

How do you know who to call and who you can trust? Here's a list of things you might want to consider before choosing a Lodi, CA exterminator:

  • Can they respond quickly?
  • Can they deal with your problem? - ants, cockroaches, rodents, termites, bed bugs, critters etc?
  • Are they local and do they understand local pests and conditions?
  • Will they be thorough?
  • Will they be discrete?
  • Are they insured?
  • Do they have the right licenses and certifications?
  • Do they listen to you?

What does it cost?

The costs of treatment will obviously depend on the nature of the problem and how difficult it is to deal with.

One-off problem

We can get rid of some problems in one treatment but others such as cockroach control, ant control and rodent control might need multiple treatments.

Either way if we are just treating one problem we will charge you for a one-off treatment

Regular service contract

Many pests are persistent, you get rid of them once but eventually they find their way back.

That’s why we offer a regular service contract where we will turn up periodically (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly) to re-inspect and reapply cockroach control, ant control and rodent control treatments to make sure your home stays pest free.

Need an exterminator in Lodi, CA? Call: 209-210-4333

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