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Whether you have ants in your attic, cockroaches in your kitchen or critters in your crawl space - Act Now!

Household pests cause major problems, they bite, sting, spread disease, contaminate food, destroy furniture & damage houses.

Don’t ignore the problem; it’s very unlikely to solve itself.  Get it checked out right away then it can be dealt with effectively.

You may be tempted to try to deal with the problem yourself but to ensure complete removal it’s best that infestations are left to a professional.


For rapid help with your Pittsburg, CA pest control problems

Call: 510-680-3750

Need an exterminator in Pittsburg, CA? Call: 510-680-3750

Pittsburg, CA pests we deal with


These pests invade your home looking for food and water. And once they find it they invite all their friends.

They spoil any food they come into contact with. And if you're sensitive any contact with them can provoke and allergic reaction.

Rats & Mice

Your house is a like a luxury hotel to your typical rodent, a source of food and shelter. But unlike 5-star hotel guests they have a tendency to spread their disease causing feces and urine.

They need to constantly chew to keep their teeth healthy and that means they are capable of causing significant damage to the structure of your house.

And they also have a nasty habit of chewing cables which can cause fires. So lack of effective rodent control could be risking your home and possibly even your life.


We all hate cockroaches and most can't even stand to think of them never mind handle them.

Sadly they are also one of the USA's most common residential pests.

Their disgusting lifestyle habits means they are a potent source of germs and bacteria. So without effective cockroach control your health and well being are at risk.

Bees, Wasps & Yellowjackets

These stinging insects are usually just annoying rather than dangerous. But for some people who are sensitive to their venom a simple sting can lead to serious health issues.

They usually resort to stinging to defend their nests so if you leave them alone they will tend to leave you alone. However yellowjackets are just jerks and they don't need to be threatened to turn aggressive.


Fleas normally get into the house on the back of our domestic pets but sometimes they are spread by wild animals.

They feed on the host’s blood and once inside they are adapted to look for another host (you) that they can bite.

A bite normally just causes itching but depending on where they previously fed they can also spread diseases.

Bed Bugs

We are seeing more of these pest because our love of travel is enabling them to spread more easily.

They are very small and flat and are capable of hiding in very unlikely places. This means that they often go unnoticed until their presence is announced by the welts their bites leave behind.

For rapid help with your Pittsburg, CA pest control problems

Call: 510-680-3750

An modern exterminator's tools of the trade

With an ever increasing number of pests, today's pest control technician need a range of tools and techniques.

It's a long time since spring-loaded traps and chunks of cheese for bait was effective. Today's exterminator is an expert in a range of scientifically proven tools, techniques and approaches.

But the most important tool in the armory isn’t one that you’ll find in the back of the truck. The most important tool is knowledge.

Pest control knowledge

To be effective today an exterminator needs to study their craft. They have a thorough understanding of the insect, rodent, bird or wild animal they are after.

They understand how they live, the foods they eat and how they move. They might even understand how they think.

By knowing their habits and how they live they also get an understanding of how and when they are vulnerable. This means they can choose the right technique to get rid of the particular problem.
And if that means they can avoid using dangerous pesticides they will.

A pest control technician today is aware of all types of baits, poisons and pesticides. And they know which suits which particular cockroach control or rodent control problem and in what circumstances.

Knowing what works with each pest means that they can use just the minimum amount needed to achieve the result. And they have the knowledge to apply the baits and pesticides in a way that is effective while ensuring the safety of people and pets.

All our PestResponders operators are fully licensed and conversant with the relevant pesticide and poisons regulations and legislation so they can get the job done without damaging the environment.

Need an exterminator in Pittsburg, CA? Call: 510-680-3750

Pest control: from first call to completed job

What happens when you call PestResponders?

We understand the impact a pest problem can have and the urgency of the situation.  And you can expect nothing but respect and courtesy from the moment we answer your call.

questions, questions

To help you we will need to know more about what is going on in your situation.  

To ensure that we get you talking to the right person to deal with your problem we will start by asking a few simple questions. And that person will need to understand your situation. So expect them to ask even more questions.

These questions form a step by step diagnostic process. It's a friendly conversation not an interrogation.

We at PestResponders understand what aspects are important and sometimes that trivial fact that you think is unimportant is actually a critical piece of the jigsaw.

At your home

After taking your information on the phone we will then arrange a home visit to help us confirm our diagnosis.

On this initial visit we will also carry out a detailed inspection. This will confirm that we have all the facts and haven't missed anything.

When we know what is going on and have all the facts we will then advise you about how you can address the cockroach control, rodent control or other pest problem.

If you want us to deal with the problem we will look to start straight away if possible. If it isn't possible to start straight away we will arrange a convenient time to come back to treat the problem.

We will always complete the first visit by explaining how we think the problem arose and advising you how you can help yourself avoid similar problems in the future.


It's possible to treat some pest problems with a one-time treatment but others will need multiple treatments.

This can depend on the type of rodent or insect and the severity of the infestation.

You will always be informed of the costs and timescales of any treatment before we commence work.

Sometimes the most appropriate solution will be an ongoing treatment program. This can often be more cost-effective than lots of one-off treatments and better at keeping the pests at bay.

For rapid help with your Pittsburg, CA pest control problems

Call: 510-680-3750

pest control treatment in kitchen

How do you choose a local exterminator in Pittsburg, CA?

How do you know who to call and who you can trust? Here's a list of things you might want to consider before choosing a Pittsburg, CA exterminator:

  • Can they respond quickly?
  • Can they deal with your problem? - ants, cockroaches, rodents, termites, bed bugs, critters etc?
  • Are they local and do they understand local pests and conditions?
  • Will they be thorough?
  • Will they be discrete?
  • Are they insured?
  • Do they have the right licenses and certifications?
  • Do they listen to you?

What does it cost?

The costs of treatment will obviously depend on the nature of the problem and how difficult it is to deal with.

One-off problem

We can get rid of some problems in one treatment but others such as cockroach control, ant control and rodent control might need multiple treatments.

Either way if we are just treating one problem we will charge you for a one-off treatment

Regular service contract

Many pests are persistent, you get rid of them once but eventually they find their way back.

That’s why we offer a regular service contract where we will turn up periodically (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly) to re-inspect and reapply cockroach control, ant control and rodent control treatments to make sure your home stays pest free.

Need an exterminator in Pittsburg, CA? Call: 510-680-3750

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