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Whether you have ants in your attic, cockroaches in your kitchen or critters in your crawl space - Act Now!

Household pests cause major problems, they bite, sting, spread disease, contaminate food, destroy furniture & damage houses.

Don’t ignore the problem; it’s very unlikely to solve itself.  Get it checked out right away then it can be dealt with effectively.

You may be tempted to try to deal with the problem yourself but to ensure complete removal it’s best that infestations are left to a professional.


For rapid help with your San Pablo CA pest control problems

Call: 510-680-3750

Need an exterminator in San Pablo CA? Call: 510-680-3750

San Pablo CA pests we deal with


Your house is like an all-you-can-eat-buffet to them. And once they find a source of food they happily share it with the rest of their colony.

They might not eat everything but anything they leave behind will be spoiled. For sensitive people even their simple presence can trigger an allergic reaction.

Rats & Mice

Your house is a like a luxury hotel to your typical rodent, a source of food and shelter. But unlike 5-star hotel guests they have a tendency to spread their disease causing feces and urine.

They will eat your food and anything else they can chew often causing major damage in the process.

House fires are regularly started by rodents chewing on electrical cables. So maintaining a form of rodent ontrol could be a life saving decision.


Most people would rate the cockroach as disgusting. They are the pest we all love to hate. Sadly they are also one of the USA's most common residential pests.

They spread bacteria and germs that they probably picked up from the drains where they live. So it is imperative that you maintaing effective cockroach control.

Bees, Wasps & Yellowjackets

If you are allergic to their venom a simple sting can lead to life threatening health issues. But for most of us their stings are just painful.

They typically only use their stings when they feel that their life or nest is threatened. But some times the yellowjacket can be aggressive even if you try to leave them alone.


You can probably thank your favorite pet for introducing the fleas into your home.

They adopt a host then feed on their blood. They have evolved to look for alternative hosts so don't expect them to stay on your pet.

Normally their bites are just itchy but they are capable of also spreading nasty diseases.

Bed Bugs

We are seeing more of these pest because our love of travel is enabling them to spread more easily.

They are very shy and very small so it isn't always easy to spot them. Many times the first indication that they are present is a nasty set of bite marks.

For rapid help with your San Pablo CA pest control problems

Call: 510-680-3750

We deliver swift, effective Pest Control solutions

A PestResponders service professional is more than an exterminator, they also have years of detective experience which helps them pinpoint how insects get into your home and finding where they are most likely to conceal themselves and their nests.

They are similarly knowledgeable at figuring out a pest's routines habits, reproductive cycles and the most vulnerable parts of your house.

PestResponders service technicians are specialists in dealing efficiently with the diverse array of bugs and critters that make their way into the San Pablo CA and surrounding locations. And they know how troubling insect invasions in your house can be.

Each pest control specialist has the knowledge to efficiently clear your house of insects and other animal problems. They will work with the minimum of disturbance to household.

Every PestResponders exterminator is familiar the latest techniques to eliminate infestations completely and securely with minimum danger to your household, your animals and your house.

If you are seeking a responsive and caring cockroach control, rodent control and general pest control service, please call PestResponders and put us to the test.

Need an exterminator in San Pablo CA? Call: 510-680-3750

What is IPM and why should you care?

PestResponders pest control and extermination provides a more thorough and unified method often referred to as Integrated Pest Management or IPM.

With an Integrated Insect Management method, PestResponders' pest control technicians will look at each client's situation separately. From there establish a strategy to tackle your particular issue whilst considering people, pets, home, environment and ecology.

Every PestResponders exterminator is trained to recognize the best, most reliable mix of physical and chemical approaches to remove your particular insect issue.

Pest Control regularly includes the application of harmful chemicals that can hurt people, family pets, plants and the environment.

IPM is a comprehensive cockroach control, rodent control or pest control solution that encompasses tracking, evaluation, recognition, and executing a treatment program for any specific scenario.
This frequently implies utilizing a series of non chemical methods which increase efficiency whilst decreasing threat to humans, animals and local environment.

Biological Controls: such as ecologically helpful predators, types particular pathogens or competitive types.

Education: teaching you tips and techniques to help you help yourself

Physical Controls: like traps, adhesive tapes, glue traps, barriers, trimming, planting, routine steaming or vacuuming.

Advisory: Suggestions for any repair works or improvements such as sealing spaces around pipework and ducts, or drain layouts. Anything which can stop insects gaining access to your property in the future will be discussed with you.

For rapid help with your San Pablo CA pest control problems

Call: 510-680-3750

pest control treatment in kitchen

How do you choose a local exterminator in San Pablo CA?

How do you know who to call and who you can trust? Here's a list of things you might want to consider before choosing a San Pablo CA exterminator:

  • Can they respond quickly?
  • Can they deal with your problem? - ants, cockroaches, rodents, termites, bed bugs, critters etc?
  • Are they local and do they understand local pests and conditions?
  • Will they be thorough?
  • Will they be discrete?
  • Are they insured?
  • Do they have the right licenses and certifications?
  • Do they listen to you?

What does it cost?

The costs of treatment will obviously depend on the nature of the problem and how difficult it is to deal with.

One-off problem

We can get rid of some problems in one treatment but others such as cockroach control, ant control and rodent control might need multiple treatments.

Either way if we are just treating one problem we will charge you for a one-off treatment

Regular service contract

Many pests are persistent, you get rid of them once but eventually they find their way back.

That’s why we offer a regular service contract where we will turn up periodically (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly) to re-inspect and reapply cockroach control, ant control and rodent control treatments to make sure your home stays pest free.

Need an exterminator in San Pablo CA? Call: 510-680-3750

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