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Whether you have ants in your attic, cockroaches in your kitchen or critters in your crawl space - Act Now!

Household pests cause major problems, they bite, sting, spread disease, contaminate food, destroy furniture & damage houses.

Don’t ignore the problem; it’s very unlikely to solve itself.  Get it checked out right away then it can be dealt with effectively.

You may be tempted to try to deal with the problem yourself but to ensure complete removal it’s best that infestations are left to a professional.


For rapid help with your San Rafael, CA pest control problems

Call: 415-212-4411

     Our Pest Control Services in the San Rafael, CA area:

Need an exterminator in San Rafael, CA? Call: 415-212-4411

Pest you'll find in the San Rafael, CA area


They come into your house in search of food. And if they find it they will tell all the others in the colony and get them to join them.

Any food they touch will be ruined. And if you are unlucky their presence can lead to you suffering an allergic reaction.

Rats & Mice

To your typical rodent your house is an excellent source of food and shelter. They will happily explore every nook and cranny in their search and leave their disease laden droppings and urine behind them.

They will definitely spoil stored food and will likely damage the structure of your home.

When they gnaw on electrical cables they can cause shorting which can lead to fires. So ensuring effective rodent control could save your home and potentially your life.


Most people would rate the cockroach as disgusting. They are the pest we all love to hate.

Unfortunately they also top the list as the most common household pests.

Roaches spread bacteria and disease causing organisms. So effective cockroach control is essential.

Bees, Wasps & Yellowjackets

They are annoying stingers that can spoil a nice summers day. But if you are allergic to their venom a single sting can be life threatening not just annoying.

They typically only use their stings when they feel that their life or nest is threatened. But some times the yellowjacket can be aggressive even if you try to leave them alone.


These pests usually hitch a ride into your house on the back of the family pet but can also come from wild animals.

Having fed on the pet they then go looking for other sources of food (your blood!)

If you are lucky the bite will itch, if you are unlucky it will give you the plague!

Bed Bugs

The increase of personal travel over the past few years has led to a big increase in this once almost forgotten pest.

They can be hard to spot and the first sign of their presence is often an itchy red welt where they have extracted their meal of blood from the victim.

For rapid help with your San Rafael, CA pest control problems

Call: 415-212-4411

We supply rapid and effective pest control and extermination services

PestResponders pest control and exterminator operators are specialists at handling every kind of infestation in THE Concord, Ca area. They also understand exactly how upsetting it is to have pests and infestations in your house.

Every pest control specialist is capable of clearing an infestation quickly, discreetly and remove your house of insects and infestations with the minimum of inconvenience to both you and your family.

PestResponders service technicians are specialists in dealing efficiently with the diverse array of bugs and critters that make their way into the San Rafael, CA and East Bay locations. And they know how troubling insect invasions in your house can be.

They know each pest’s habits, behaviors, and breeding patterns along with just what they get up to on your property.

Every PestResponders exterminator is trained to eliminate infestations rapidly, completely and securely with minimum danger to you, your pets and your home . If you are trying to locate a responsive and caring pest control expert in the [CITY].

Don't Delay. Call PestResponders today.

Need an exterminator in San Rafael, CA? Call: 415-212-4411

Is IPM just a buzz-word?

Entomologists (insect scientists) are creating much more specific pest control strategies called Integrated Pest Management or IPM.

IPM is a safer and ecologically sound pest control method that encompasses detection examination, recognition, and formulation of a treatment plan particular to each pest problem.

Pest Control often includes the application of hazardous chemicals that can hurt human beings, our family pets and our environment if not used responsibly.

Pest Control regularly includes the application of harmful chemicals that can hurt people, family pets, plants and the environment.

Every PestResponders exterminator has the training to formulate the most safe, most reliable mix of physical and chemical approaches to eliminate your particular problem.

This often means using a range of non chemical techniques which increase effectiveness whilst minimizing risk.

Biological Controls - including Eco-friendly pest - specific pathogens.

Education - giving you tips on how to to avoid pests getting established in the first place

Physical Controls - like traps, adhesive tapes, glue traps, barriers, trimming, planting, routine steaming or vacuuming.

Guidance - to highlight repair works such as sealing spaces around pipework or ducts, or drain re-routing that can reduce accessability or attraction of your home to pests in the future.

For rapid help with your San Rafael, CA pest control problems

Call: 415-212-4411

pest control treatment in kitchen

How do you choose a local exterminator in San Rafael, CA?

How do you know who to call and who you can trust? Here's a list of things you might want to consider before choosing a San Rafael, CA exterminator:

  • Can they respond quickly?
  • Can they deal with your problem? - ants, cockroaches, rodents, termites, bed bugs, critters etc?
  • Are they local and do they understand local pests and conditions?
  • Will they be thorough?
  • Will they be discrete?
  • Are they insured?
  • Do they have the right licenses and certifications?
  • Do they listen to you?

What does it cost?

The costs of treatment will obviously depend on the nature of the problem and how difficult it is to deal with.

One-off problem

We can get rid of some problems in one treatment but others such as cockroach control, ant control and rodent control might need multiple treatments.

Either way if we are just treating one problem we will charge you for a one-off treatment

Regular service contract

Many pests are persistent, you get rid of them once but eventually they find their way back.

That’s why we offer a regular service contract where we will turn up periodically (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly) to re-inspect and reapply cockroach control, ant control and rodent control treatments to make sure your home stays pest free.

Need an exterminator in San Rafael, CA? Call: 415-212-4411

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