Why are cockroaches are America’s #1 most hated pest?

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Let’s agree all household pests are horrible.  But if there is one pest that everyone hates it is probably the cockroach.  Even its name is disgusting.
I’m not sure exactly why the cockroach is the number one on everyone’s hit list.
It could be it’s looks: ugly flattened bodies, wriggling ,spiky legs and long, waving antennae.
It could be the way they move – Their habit of hiding in cracks and mainly coming out in the dark, or their alarmingly quick movements (especially when we are trying to squish them)
Or it could be their disgusting habits – Eating garbage, living in sewers, contaminating kitchens with their trails of fecal matter.  And of course the fact that they stink
Whether it’s one or all of the above that gives us the creeps we all have just cause to hate cockroaches.

Well now, there is another reason and this one probably trumps the lot:
They invade our bodies!
No kidding!

In the last few weeks we’ve heard about a couple of alarming incidents:
Doctors removed a live cockroach from the nasal cavity of a woman in Chennai, India: the Washington Post reports on this creepy story.
And in Chengdu, south-west China, doctors pulled a dead cockroach from man’s ear after it crawled in while he slept and he sprayed insecticide at himself to kill it: take a look at this article.

And this is not just some recent phenomena either.  It appears that cockroaches have always had a proclivity to crawl into human cavities.  
Here’s a 2014 report from Australia where a man awoke with a cockroach burrowing into his ear the BBC News in the UK has all gory the details. Yuk!

Now I don’t want to alarm you unnecessarily. After all,  a cockroach entering  a human orifice is thankfully very, very rare.
However, cockroaches entering the orifices in our homes is unfortunately all too common.

So what should you do if you have cockroaches in your house and you want to avoid any chance of waking up in an intimate embrace with one?

Here’s three key steps:
1.    Block up all cracks and crevices where they might hide
2.    Keep all food in insect proof containers and dispose of garbage and left-overs quickly (don’t leave it overnight)
3.    Call a trained cockroach exterminator

Seriously, if you have a cockroach in a bodily orifice go to the emergency room or call a doctor immediately.

But if they a still just inhabiting the orifices in your home then call PestResponders for a fast, friendly cockroach control service.  Better to be safe then very, very sorry.

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