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PestResponders in Oakland are often approached for advice along the lines “Hey, I don’t need an exterminator to come out… but can you tell me how I get rid of XYZ ???”

Every time we give the same answer: “With a qualified, licensed Pest Control Professional or Exterminator”

Even if you don’t use PestResponders, just do yourself and your family one huge favor and go out and hire some other pest control professional.

Why do we advise this?

Well obviously, YES, we are a pest control business so naturally we have a level of self interest here.  But we have a more fundamental and human motivation than cold hard paper.

And its one that, if you take heed of, may just save you and your families life, because the chemicals used in pest control can and do kill if not handled correctly.

Tragically, a couple of weeks ago a family in Amarillo, Tx paid a desperately heavy a toll to find this out, with the terrible, sad loss of their 4 children to what seems to have been inappropriate application of a chemical pesticide.

A    GoFundMe    page has been set up to raise some money for this family here

Alarmingly it is estimated that there are around 300,000 pesticide poisonings in the US each year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Please think again before attempting any DIY Pest Control Measures. It could just turn out to be the most expensive few bucks that you ever tried to save yourself.


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